Monday, January 23, 2012

People of Walmart - Pajamas Should Not Be Worn in Public!

Have you ever had a bad beauty/fashion day? You know, one of those days when your hair doesn't go right, you're clothes are all wrong and you feel fat? This happens to me often, especially during THAT time of the month.

If you want to feel better about yourself, do what I do. Head over to the People of Walmart site which features actual photos of Wal-mart shoppers in America.

Here's a sample:

What did I tell you? Are you eyes bleeding?

But yet, I love that site. It always makes me feel better myself and the ridiculous style and beauty choices I've made.

This weekend while I was feeling not so good about myself and stalking the site I noticed a repeating theme: That there are a lot of people who shop in their pajamas.

Apparently I'm not alone in that observation. Recently, Michael Williams, the commissioner of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, was in his local Wal-Mart when young man who was shopping in his sleepwear exposed his you-know-what to Williams and other customers. Williams immediately suggested a ban on pajama-wearing in public in Caddo Parish only to be criticized by several angry moms who said the government shouldn't be enforcing clothing regulations.

Hold up there ladies...

Yes, perhaps the government is overstepping it's bounds, but let me make this clear: Pajamas in public - at least on anyone who isn't a toddler or is not buying a package of Theraflu - are an obvious indication that you are to lazy to actually PLAN anything. Like getting out of bed more than five minutes before you leave the house. Or checking to see if there is at least one pair of jeans lying under the pile of crap in your bedroom.

Of course there's nothing wrong with pajamas – they're soft and comfortable – but is it really that hard to throw on something you don't sleep in before you walk out the door?

I will admit to occasionally wearing my pajamas when I drove Justin to the bus stop but I should note there were major differences between that and what's going on at Wal-mart:
  1. I did not get out of the car.
  2. I had a coat on and kept everything covered.
  3. It was a situation which occurred not because of laziness, but because Justin and I had the occasional morning where we were running behind schedule.

What those jammie wearing Wal-mart shoppers don't realize is that when they're not snuggled under a comforter, those PJs show a lot more than they may have intended.  Or maybe they do realize that and just don't care. (Gag!)

And to the lady (is that a lady?) in the red Betty Boop pajamas, did you not realize that outfit was made for choosing a movie off Netflix while you're laying on your couch, not for loading up on orange juice and milk in broad daylight?

After seeing those pictures - and worse - I totally support what Commissioner Williams is proposing.

Call me a snob, but I'm someone who prefers to do her Wal-mart shopping without seeing a side of ass crack.

What do you think of people who wear pajamas in public? Have you ever checked out the People of Walmart website? Have you ever posted a picture on the site?

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  1. Yeah, that makes me feel better. I may not be perfect or always dress very smartly, but at least I DO dress (and wash!) before I leave the house